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How does the Travel Plan by Inman™ work?

The Travel Plan by Inman™ leverages Inman Shipping Worldwide's extensive network of agents worldwide to facilitate the repatriation of a loved one for their final ceremony.

Participants pay a one-time fee for lifetime coverage, and there is no age limit for enrollment. ($450 single, $875 couple).

No. The plan is available to anyone.

Participants receive comprehensive assistance, including coordination with local funeral homes or embalming services, transportation arrangements, preparation of the deceased, and documentation procurement.

For any inquiries or assistance, participants can reach out to our team at (803) 981-4684 or

The Plan takes effect immediately upon enrollment, providing peace of mind from the moment of purchase.

Absolutely! The expenses could vary from $15,000 to $20,000, but they are fully covered with the one-time payment of $450.

It's essential to contact Travel Plan by Inman™ before making any arrangements to ensure adherence to legal procedures and to benefit fully from the plan's services.

Complete Peace of Mind

Give yourself and your family complete peace of mind with
the travel protection plan!

Travel Plan by Inman